Wound treatment

Due to high humidity and high temperatures in tropical regions bacteria can spread much more quickly together with being significantly more persistent. This usually leads time consuming healing processes and intake of antibiotics. Just as an example, a diver is constantly in the water which soaks the skin and opens the skin pores enabling bacteria to enter deeper layers unhindered. This makes wound healing nearly impossible.

Many essential oils have a high content of wound cleaning and disinfecting ingredients and therefor can also alleviate pains and cure wounds.

Mosquito and infection protection
These oils are made from 100% natural essential oils! It helps to prevent you from getting bit, and in the evening it disinfect and calms done the bits on your body!

BuBu oil
“Gives you a fresh felling and a bite protection” Like a walking lime tree. It’s a mixture from olive oil, citronella, tee tree, cedar wood……. all smells that the bubus don’t like.

MMhAAh oil
“Gives you a calm down feeling after a bit and a good night rest with out any disturbances” It’s a mixture from aloe vera oil, olive oil, lavender, tee tree, rose geranium, peppermint…… It is specially to prevent infections after scratching and helps to calm done the itch.

Luzia Bodden/Giselbrecht Registered Nurse | austria/switzerland | Footreflexiology | Aromatictherapy