Fairbanks Pride Bodden

Pride was born and raised on the Island of Utila, in Honduras. As a little boy, he was thought by his father Lem Ira Bodden the love for wood. His papa was a professional carpenter specializing in mahogany lumber and he passed his knowledge and passion to his son. In 2000, Pride has met his later wife Luzia and went with her to Switzerland, where he spent 8 years perfecting his skills.

In Switzerland, Pride worked for one year in a highly professional furniture shop and 6 years in a company witch specialized in installing windows.

After 8 years in Switzerland, Pride wonted to come back home to life his live 'on the rock' again. He brought with him his wife Luzia.

In Utila, Pride built an apartment for his family and a workshop for himself During the last two years he worked on building a home for his family.

Pride's speciality is finishing work, building and installation of fine furniture. He is also fully qualified home builder and contractor.

Tel: 00504 425 3031 
Tel Cell: 00504 33 61 34 91 

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